You’ve never experienced anything like this before.

Not a course. Not a Bible study.


(Multi-Level, Interactive,Learning Experience)

Your learning experience takes place over a 6-week period.
Each week you will have multiple ways to interact with the topic by
reading, listening, watching and finally discussing. This is all
done in your small group, we call it a Huddle.

It’s not just learning,

Small Groups and Discipleship

Asynchronous Discipleship

Because everyone is very busy with different schedules,
your Huddle Leader will guide your learning and discussions
using the asynchronous video communication. Meaning, you don’t
have to attend live meetings. During the week, you’ll view the
video discussions from the members in your group, and you’ll
participate by posting your own comments. All this is easily done
from the Missional Mile platform, on your phone, tablet or computer.

Think Async

Asynchronous Discipleship

Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime
to the world’s most experienced instructors
and content.

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Async Huddle Participant


Huddle Members have a place to join an online community for personal Transformation

Async Huddle Leader


Train 5 groups of people in the content you have developed while learning how to build a movement.